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Unlock video insights

Extract rich insights from video and audio files using a rich set of machine learning algorithms.

2018 IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® for Design and Innovation winner
2018 BaM AWARD® winner in the Manage category

About Azure Video Indexer

Azure Video Indexer (formerly Azure Video Analyzer for Media) builds upon media AI technologies to make it easier to extract insights from videos. Power new forms of content discovery such as searching for spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions. Enrich your apps with embedded video insights to drive user engagement.

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Make your content more discoverable

Azure Video Indexer enables you to extract visual and speech metadata from your videos, which can be used to build enhanced search experiences in your existing apps.

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Improve engagement with your videos

Metadata extracted can be used to build powerful engagement experiences with recommendations, highlight clips and interactive videos.

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Make your video apps more intelligent

Integrate cognitive video insights into your apps at scale using widgets and simple APIs without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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Audio and Video AI features


Face detection

Detect faces appearing in the video.

Animated character detection

Detect, group, identify, and customize animated characters.

Celebrity identification (Limited Access)

Identify celebrities and view their biographies.

Custom face identification (Limited Access)

Customize the model to identify specific faces.

People's detected clothing

Detect clothing of people appearing in the video.

Observed people

Detect people spotted in the video and follow their path with bounding boxes.

Object identification

Automatically identify and label objects (for example: cat, table, car, ball, etc.) when they appear.

Visual content moderation

Detect and prevent explicit visual content.

Keyframe extraction

Automatically detect stable keyframes.

On-screen text recognition (OCR)

Extract and group text that appears on video as overlay, slides, or in the background.

Scene segmentation

Segment a video by semantic scenes.

Shot detection

Detect when a shot starts and ends, based on visual analysis.

Shot type detection

Detect shot types like wide, close-up, interior, face positions, and multiple faces.

Rolling credits detection

Identify rolling credits at the end of the video.

Black-frame detection

Identify black frames in video.


Spoken content moderation

Detect explicit language and dialogue.

Audio effects

Identify audio effects such as clapping, laughter, and speech.


Create subtitles in any of three formats: WebVTT, TTML, or SRT.


Translate any text, including spoken text, written text, and keywords, into more than 40 languages.

Language identification

Detect the spoken language from audio.

Multi-language detection

Auto-detect multiple languages in spoken text.

Automated transcription

Convert speech to text in 10 languages and allow extensions.

Transcript customization

Adapt transcripts to industry, market, or domain specific terms.

Two-channel processing

Auto-detect speakers, balance audio, separate and merge transcripts.

Noise reduction

Clear up telephony audio or noisy recordings.

Speaker identification

Understand who spoke when.

Speaker stats

View metrics on who spoke how much relative to other speakers.

Audio + Video

Keyword extraction

Find the keywords mentioned in each segment.

Topic inference

Identify main topics.

Sentiment analysis

Compare levels of positive and negative sentiments throughout the audio and/or video.

Audio effects (public preview)

Identify non-speech audio effects.

Emotion detection

Detect emotions expressed in speech, vocal signals.

Named entities

Track and customize mentioned people, locations and brands in spoken or on-screen text.

Other features

Inline editing

Manually edit any indexing results or output.

Highlight-reel editing

Store source video once and create multiple edits of video segments.

Contextual search

Search inside your videos and find smart matches from audio, video, and AI-identified insights.


Embed delightful insights and video player widgets in your website or application.


Find related videos with similar people discussing similar topics.


Easily integrate with your application using our robust REST API.

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