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Video AI technologies

Azure AI Video Indexer is a cloud service that enables its users to unlock insights from their videos using artificial intelligence technologies. The unlocked insights can be used to make your videos more searchable, improve consumer engagement, increase the monetizable value for your videos, and make them more accessible. Azure AI Video Indexer can seamlessly integrate with your existing video infrastructure as the web widgets provided by Azure AI Video Indexer can be embedded in any web application.

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Azure AI Video Indexer extracts metadata such as the spoken words, the people present in a video segment, the text that is part of the video and so on. This metadata can be used to make content accessible to people with visual and audio disabilities. For example, the player widget provided by Azure AI Video Indexer has built in closed captioning support and the insights widget has the ability to translate the transcript in to other languages

Intelligent video recommendation

User engagement

Improving user engagement is a key business goal for content service providers, as user engagement translates in to more revenue opportunities. Video insights unlocked by Azure AI Video Indexer can be used to improve user engagement by positioning the relevant video moments to users. As an example, consider an educational video that explains spheres for the first 30 minutes and pyramids in the next 30 minutes. A student reading about pyramids would benefit more if the video is positioned starting from the 30-minute marker. Similarly, video recommendation systems can leverage the video insights to make better decisions on which video should be recommended to the user.



Azure AI Video Indexer can help improve the monetizable value of videos. As an example, industries that rely on ad revenue (e.g. news media, social media, etc.), can deliver more relevant ads by using the extracted insights as additional signals to the ad server (presenting a sports shoe ad is more relevant in the middle of a football match vs. a swimming competition). Azure AI Video Indexer can also enable dynamic creation of highlight reels based on snippets from multiple sources. This can help content owners supply new content to their syndication network based on what is in-demand by reusing existing assets.

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