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Video indexer builds upon media AI technologies to make it easier to extract insights from videos. Power new forms of content discovery such as searching for spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions. Enrich your apps with embedded video insights to drive user engagement.

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Make your content more discoverable illustration

Make your content more discoverable

Video Indexer enables you to extract visual and speech metadata from your videos, which can be used to build enhanced search experiences in your existing apps.

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Improve engagement with your videos illustration

Improve engagement with your videos

Metadata extracted can be used to build powerful engagement experiences with recommendations, highlight clips and interactive videos.

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Make your video apps more intelligent

Integrate cognitive video insights into your apps at scale using widgets and simple APIs without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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AI features

For Audio Files

Transcript icon


Convert audio to text and generate closed captions for subtitles

Translation icon


Translate any textual insight such as Transcript, OCR or keywords to a rich set of languages

Speaker indexing icon

Speaker indexing

Understand the number of speakers and which speaker spoke when

Keywords icon


Identify keywords from each segment

Brand mentions icon

Brand mentions

Detect business brands when they are mentioned

Sentiment analysis icon

Sentiment analysis

Understand the level of positive vs. negative spoken or written content

Telephony audio support icon

Telephony audio support

Clear up telephony audio or noisy recordings

Transcript customization icon

Transcript customization

Adjust the language model used for transcription per your specific industry or market needs

Voice activity detection icon

Voice activity detection

Separate background noise and voice activity

And for Video files also

Face detection icon

Face detection

Find when each face appears in the video

Face identification icon

Face identification

Identify people in your entire video catalog by simply tagging their faces

Celebrity identification icon

Celebrity identification

Identify celebrities based on their faces

Visual text recognition icon

Visual text recognition

Extract text that appears in videos as overlay, slides or background

Shot detection icon

Shot detection

Detect when a shot changes based on visual analysis

Keyframes icon

Keyframes extractions

Automatically detect and extract keyframes for shots and scenes

Content moderation icon

Content moderation

Detect and prevent explicit visual content

Labels icons


Detect when visual objects, actions and situations appear

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