Video Breakdown is now Video Indexer

Video Breakdown was a Microsoft Garage project, that was launched in September 2016. Based on feedback from Video Breakdown users, Video Breakdown has now been re-launched as a Microsoft Cognitive Service. We are excited about the future of Video Indexer, and we hope you are too!

What happened to the videos that I uploaded to Video Breakdown?

Your videos still exist and can be accessed by logging in to Video Indexer using the same account as you did for Video Breakdown.

What are the differences between Video Breakdown and Video Indexer?

Following is a list of differences between Video Breakdown and Video Indexer

  1. Video Breakdown enabled sharing of content between employees of an organization. Video Indexer does not have that functionality. If you are interested in sharing of videos among employees, then please look at Microsoft Stream.
  2. Video Breakdown showcased videos made public by other users of Video Breakdown. Video Indexer does not do that.
  3. Video Breakdown did not have the concept of an account. Video Indexer creates an account when you sign up for the service and makes you an admin on that account. During public preview, you can be admin on one account, but you can be a contributor to multiple accounts.
  4. Video Indexer enables you to invite other people to become contributors to your account. Contributors cannot invite other people. Only admins can.

What happens to Video Breakdown APIs?

Video Breakdown APIs will continue to work with your Video Indexer account.

Are there any changes to the AI features?

No changes to the AI features. We will continue to improve the accuracy of existing AI features and add new ones.

Do I have to pay for using Video Indexer?

Currently, we are offering a limited quota of the service for free. If you are interested in a bigger quota, please send mail to, clarifying your request.

Make your videos work for you

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